Twerking Scholarship Winner Gets $50k Without Shaking It

Twerking scholarships, where shaking it will get you cash…or will it?

In a related report from The Inquisitr, one high school has banned twerking, and is making students sign a “dance behavior contract”.

Apparently, if you’re applying for a Juciy J “twerking scholarship”, you don’t even have to twerk to receive your money. About six months ago Three 6 Mafia rapper and entrepreneur Juicy J announced a $50,000 scholarship for the best twerk and recently revealed the lucky non-twerking recipient of the twerking scholarship, Zaire Holmes. Juicy J originally Tweeted his scholarship offer “to the best chick who can twerk”, but apparently got all soft hearted and gave the money away, twerk free.

In her submission video, Ms. Holmes simply described herself as a “motivated and hard working mom and student”. She also read all the fine print and pointed out “twerking” wasn’t actually a requirement anywhere in the guidelines: “A lot of people thought you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules.” Juicy J, despite the title of his scholarship, was apparently disinclined to give away money based solely on someone’s twerking skills:

“$50,000 is a lot of money, and I just don’t wanna waste it on just some chick twerking her a**.”

But Juicy J also pointed out he made it loud and clear that twerking alone would not win you a twerking scholarship:

“You don’t have to be able to twerk to win this $50,000 dollar scholarship. It’s not all about dancing and twerking. It’s about your personality. So I want people to know that if you want to twerk that’s on you but you don’t have to do that to win that scholarship. You can just send me a video of showing me how smart you are or what your goals in life are for me to give you this money. It’s for people who use their brains, too.”

Juciy J says this is just the beginning of The Juicy J Scholarship Foundation, and that he hopes to lend a helping hand up to more fans in the future.

So what do you think about Juicy J’s twerking scholarship, ready to shake it (or not) for some serious money?