Queen Elizabeth II Gives Prince Charles Added Responsibilities

Queen Elizabeth II is reportedly giving more responsiblities to her son and heir to the British throne, Prince Charles.

Could this be a sign that the 87-year-old is getting step down on behalf of her son soon?

Not a chance according to experts, however, the second-longest reigning monarch in British history is certainly realizing she can do it all any longer.

After six-decades of globe trotting, with all that entails to be the reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth is ready to take a more passive role and allow other members of the royal family — especially Prince Charles, next in line to the throne — to take on more of her duties.

The first order of the day is to merge both, the Queen and Prince Charles’ press office (they had been separate up until now), even though Buckingham Palace insists the Queen is still in command.

Royal commentator Roya Nikkhah says:

“If anyone is driving this forward, it will be the queen being realistic about what she is and isn’t able to do at the age 88. I think Charles knows that he has to step up. The junior members of the royal family know they have to step up, too.”

One of the first public displays of how the new roles within the British monarchy are working will be evident when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles attend the 70th anniversary of the Normandy invasion next June.

“There are seven, or eight engagements that day. She is not able to do all of those herself and travel. She is just being realistic.”

But don’t discount the Queen as retired yet, not by a long shot, she is just delegating and since there is Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry to take on some of the royal duties, why not? Queen Elizabeth is very much the reigning monarch.

British Royal family

The Daily Mirror reports the changes would force Charles to do less “campaigning” on behalf of various organizations and charities in favor of “more of the head of state role (…) much more of the public work on [The Queen’s] behalf.”

Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 88th birthday on April 21 and on February 6 she commemorates 62-years as the British monarch — the second-longest reign after Queen Victoria’s.

Prince Charles, 65, is the longest-serving heir apparent in British history, as well as the oldest heir to the throne in 300 years.

Longevity is a trademark of the House of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth’s mother lived until 102-years of age, so many believe Prince Charles will not get his time in the throne and instead abdicate in favor of his son, Prince William.