Bigfoot Video Accidentally Captured on iPhone

Alleged Bigfoot sightings and accompanying “evidence” have been surfacing for many, many years now. Seemingly like clockwork, at least one video per year of a supposed Bigfoot sighting makes its way to the internet and television, usually immediately followed by speculation of whether or not this could be the real deal or if it’s just another in a long list of hoaxes. Well, it’s time to start speculating once again.

A Washington woman was hiking along a wooded area in Downriver Park in Spokane, Washington last week when a Bigfoot came out of nowhere and strolled right through the background. According to the original video’s description, the woman was completely unaware that Bigfoot was anywhere around until she returned home from the hike and reviewed the film.

Like so many videos before it, this alleged footage of Bigfoot is another extreme case of “right place, right time”. Assuming Bigfoot were real, a random encounter would certainly be possible, but given the amount of so-called video evidence we see over the years it’s hard to take any new video seriously when so many “unsuspecting” people just so happen to capture one of the most elusive creatures in cryptozoology.

Not to mention the fact that the Bigfoot shown in the video was certainly close enough that a giant bipedal ape would probably be clearly audible. Rather than deciding whether this is real or not for you, why not check it out for yourself below?

via Long Island Press

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