Creative Solutions For Extra Casework A Challenge For Gabrielle Giffords Staff

After the January 8 shooting of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords her staff has been left with a mounting load of casework as they deal with press inquiries and suggestions from constituents, leading her staff to take “creative” measures to deal with the extra load, including reaching out across the aisle to Republicans along with her Democrat counterparts.

Speaking to The Hill, Gifford’s Spokesman C.J. Karamargin says:

“When she was first elected, Gabby told everyone on her team that she wanted to have the best constituent services operation in Congress, and that is still our goal,” adding, “People tell people: ‘Giffords’s office can get the job done.’”

In an attempt to help Giffords who is still recovering in the hospital from a shot to her head various volunteers have stepped forward to voice their concerns at committees and to spread her messages at various other functions and forums.

The help is much needed as the Gifford’s staff has been answering four times as many constituent cases as other offices

Not only are regular citizens stepping up to help Giffords, both Democrats and Republicans are also throwing their weight into the ring with Re. Adam Smith (D-Wash) helping her causes with the House Armed Services Committee and Re. Ted Poe (R-Texas) being hosted by Gifford’s staff along the Arizona border while introducing her legislation to improve cell-phone communication in rural areas where border residents feel unsafe due to illegal border crossings.

Giffords staff must also field fundraising events for their recovering leader, ensure staffers are hired as needed and work on bills that were already in the works before the near fatal shooting.

The Representatives staff definitely do not have their work cut out for them, their boss sat on various committees from Armed Forces to Environmental and was a constantly champion of her office. Whether speaking about national defense, tightening the U.S., Mexico border or championing green causes, Giffords has always been an extremely active member of her post.