Christmas Must Have: Statues of Famous People Taking a Dump

Can’t think of what to get that special person in your life? How about embracing new cultures like that of Catalonia where it is Christmas tradition to buy statues of well known people crapping and hide them in nativity scenes for your friends to find. Yep you read that right, ceramic statues of famous people shitting, which you then invite friends over to find.

Nothing says “I love you and I take an interest in world affairs” like getting a Barack Obama statue taking a dump. I personally love the Obama statue, it has the slogan “Yes we can” written on it, which juxtaposes neatly with him… well you know.

The statues are called ‘caganers’ and are a tradition which dates back to the 18th century in Catalonia. The figures whilst appearing to be well known people doing a shit, actually symbolize fertilization, hope and prosperity for the coming year. Because nothing says that better than a ceramic figurine, doing the business.

I love the intricate detail and texture of the crap. No word on whether these things come as scratch and sniff.

If Obama isn’t your style you can also get the Pope, Suri Cruise, the French President’s super model wife, famous soccer players and most of Europe’s leaders, including Gordon Brown. See the whole gallery here.

I like the one of Gordon Brown, his poo seems quite a unique shape. Not sure if results may vary and Obama and Brown were unavailable for comment, so make up your own mind.