Cane Corso Mastiff That Mauled Brooklyn Toddler Was Trained to Kill

A 4-year-old Brooklyn boy was mauled to death by the family’s Cane Corso Mastiff while his siblings looked on in horror, and it appears the child’s mother’s boyfriend openly trained the family’s dogs to be vicious and aggressive.

Jayelin Graham, 4, died in the attack, and his two and five-year-old brothers, who were injured, witnessed the fatal mauling from under the bed. According to reports, the Cane Corso Mastiff latched on to the child’s neck and would not let him go. A neighbor responded to the child’s mother’s panicked screams, but was unable to prevent the little Jayelin’s death.

Neighbors say Damien “Dread” Jones often bragged about the dogs’ vicious temperament, and said that he could “clear a block” with the attack dogs:

Jones routinely punched and kicked his feared canine collective — a pit bull, a husky mix and the cane-corso mix that ripped apart little Jayelin Graham at 9:15 p.m. Friday in his Pacific Street apartment.

“I asked him what kind of dogs are those?” Parkinson recalled.

“Monster dogs,” the master replied.

Sequina “Honey” Jubeark, the boy’s mother, had planned to marry Jones on June 10th. The Brownsville couple is not likely to face criminal charges, but the city’s Administration of Children’s Services is investigating the family- although neighbors say several previous calls to ACS to report life-threatening and squalid conditions inside the home have gone ignored in the past. The agency would not disclose whether they have actually attempted to investigate the situation in the past.

Jones left the scene at around 11pm and has not been seen since, and seven other people were arrested during the incident for “scuffles” with police.