Luke Bryan Adding More Farm Tour Dates In 2014

Luke Bryan plans to add more dates to his Farm Tour in 2014.

In addition bringing his music to major cities throughout the United States, the country music star intends to play a few smaller towns and communities over the course of 2014. Although Luke Bryan doesn’t have any Farm Tour dates to announce as of this writing, he assures fans that they are definitely in the works.

Bryan’s farm-oriented shows aren’t just a way to bring his music to folks who live in small towns. It also helps provide college scholarships to people who live in rural areas.

“It gets better and better each year. We will sit down and start planning our Farm tours right now. We’re always looking for new farm tour spots, new hay fields and new allergies I can acquire during Farm tour. But we love it. It’s such a fun part of my year. We started it five years ago, and to be talking about it six years later is amazing,” he said.

Luke Bryan said last year that the Farm Tour is essentially what he used to do early in his career. Instead of trying to find clubs or small venues to play, he and some friends would find a field and set up shop.

“Growing up in Georgia we’d put some speakers in a tractor shed, call a few folks, light a big bonfire, collect money at the cattle gate and that was our gig. This is the same thing; it’s just a lot bigger,” Bryan explained during an interview last August.

He continued, “The pressure is trying to put on the best show and reinventing what the country music audience might have already seen.”

Of course, Luke Bryan is also playing bigger venues these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that Luke Bryan added three stadium shows to the second leg of his That’s My Kinda Night Tour. The singer will kick off the shows on May 3.

“My main thing is more lights, more speakers, more video, more camera guys, more things to make it a very special, interactive experience with the fans,” Luke Bryan explained.

He continued, “We’re just so excited about announcing these stadium dates. We’re pretty fired up. The beauty of this career is you guys, the fans keep allowing my years to get better and better. This is obviously the first step in making it an unbelievable year.”

Are you planning to catch Luke Bryan during his upcoming Farm Tour?