Lindsay Lohan Caught Sunbathing On Her Roof During House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan is serving some serious hard time, first on Friday she was seen smiling as she opened her door to friends and now she’s been spotted doing some hard time on her roof…sunbathing!

Lohan is currently on 120 days of house arrest at her townhouse in Venice, CA where she can see the ocean from her nicely cultivated rooftop.

Lindsay is not allowed to leave the confines of her home for what is expected to be a reduced sentence of approximately 35 days but apparently that doesn’t stop her from traveling upwards and laying out in the nice California sun.

Lohan is serving her time after pleading guilty to stealing a $2500 necklace from a California jeweler, a theft that violated her DUI probationary rules.

The picture above shows the “jail” where Lohan is currently serving her time.