‘Wipeout in the Zone’ Brings the Japanese Game Show Experience to XBox 360

Do you love those wacky Japanese game shows and their American counterparts where people dodge things, fall in things, fall off things and fall into things?

Wipeout in the Zone is set to release for XBox 360 on June 14th, and it brings the Japanese game show experience to your living room- except not all passively and stuff, like when you’re watching it and eating Bugles. Wipeout in the Zone for XBox 360 allows four players to compete and each level is an “episode,” with nine, three-round episodes to get through- unlike the show’s four.

A blogger with San Jose Mercury News was lucky enough to test drive Wipeout in the Zone on XBox 360, and explained some of the gameplay in detail:

To add to the interaction, the second player can use the controller and toss balls at her rival crossing the stage. If she hits him, the player’s avatar trips up and could possibly fall down. As in the show, each misstep comes with a replay that shows different angles of the flop and adds snarky commentary by hosts John Anderson and John Henson.

The blogger also gave high marks to the game’s version of the famous ‘Big Balls’ obstacle:

The Motivator can push you across and then you’ll bounce in the air. You’ll have to lean left or right to bound off the other balls until you reach the end. It’s weird but it works and it’s mandatory that you get across. There’s no swimming to the next contraption. You keep on doing it until you pass.

All in all, the game looks like a fun option for group play and fans of the style of show. Will you be checking out Wipeout in the Zone? Have you scoped out the screenshots?