Zosia Mamet: 'Girls' TV Show Star Dating Real Boyfriend In Shoshanna's Fake Life?

Will we see Zosia Mamet dating boyfriend Evan Jonigkeit on the Girls TV show in addition to real life?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Girls Season 4 was just recently renewed, which may make the Family Guy creators happy they have new comedy material.

The Girls TV show has been getting a lot of attention lately, although creator Lena Denham sometimes doesn't like the reasons why. Focusing on the Millennial generation, it's been described as a show about "self-centered young woman [named Hannah] and her mostly despicable social circle." While Girls Season 3 has been written off as something as a downer, the one bright is said to be the character Shoshanna, as played by Zosia Mamet.

Shoshanna's dating life just had a big change since she just dumped sarcastic older boyfriend Ray, as played by Alex Karpovsky. Of course, she regrets doing so and is having the usual quarter-life crisis. But the funny part is that Girls Season 3 may feature Zosia bringing her boy toy from real life to work:

"I hope that they'll like it; we're giving them a very different Shoshana. So I hope that they'll go along with her. But, I think that he's hilarious and brilliant. And I think that they definitely, they play off each other in an interesting way, so I hope that it will make for good comedy.... It was definitely a different experience sort of unbuttoning this very buttoned-up character, which was a challenge and also a lot of fun."
If it gives any insight into the actress, Zosia Mamet's Glamour writing will give the emotional dirt on her "Zo-Called Life":
"Neuroses and emotional quirks aren't things to hide but delicate and precious treasures. She urged me to share these 'diamonds' and reassured me the right person would love them and appreciate them. Cheesy as it sounds, if you don't see your neuroses as beautiful, neither will anyone else. So polish those jewels, cherish them, and share them. What's the point of having diamonds if you don't wear them?"
Among those diamonds was a story about Zosia Mamet's boyfriend in real life, Evan Jonigkeit. Due to work schedules they were separated for a month and she fretted he would realize just how crazy she was and want to dump her. In the end, "he loves how f--king weird" she really is... in real life, not the other one, which should be confusing.