Colin Kaepernick Mocks Cam Newton's Superman Celebration After Scoring Touchdown

Colin Kaepernick mocked Cam Newton after finding the endzone in Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game, taking on the Carolina Panthers quarterback's signature Superman pose.

Kaepernick ran in for a four yard touchdown in the third quarter, giving the San Francisco 49ers a 20-10 lead in a hard-fought game. But for Kaepernick it was also a chance to make a statement, mocking Cam Newton's Superman pose.

Kaepernick added his own trademark, kissing his biceps after the touchdown.

Though the action was taken harshly by Carolina Panthers fans, USA Today Sports writer Chris Chase found it a little humorous.

Chase wrote:

"Though I, and Joe Horn probably, are a little disappointed Kaepernick didn't incorporate a kryptonite prop into his Newton mocking, the Niners QB gets an A for effort. But don't get it twisted, Colin. If Newton scores later, he's totally going to kiss his bicep after.

"And to anyone upset about Kaepernick stealing Newton's move — this means you respect the sanctity of end zone preening and, thus, your opinion is invalid."

Later Ahamd Brooks added his own twist, doing Newton's Superman celebration after he caught Newton for a sack.

Colin Kaepernick has been backing up his play, throwing for 196 yards and a touchdown and running for another one in staking the 49ers out to a fourth-quarter lead.

It doesn't seem that there is any real animosity between Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton. The two shared some words and hugged on the field before the game --- thought it might be a different story now after Kaepernick's Superman celebration.