Lindsay Lohan Isn't Allowed To Attend Britney Spears' Las Vegas Show [Rumor]

Todd Rigney

If Lindsay Lohan wants to attend any of Britney Spears' performances in Las Vegas, then she'll have to wear a pretty convincing disguise. Rumor has it that the troubled actress is presently banned from checking out the show.

Before you start pointing the finger of blame in Spears' direction, rumors suggest this wasn't her doing. According to various reports -- none of which are official, by the way -- Britney's mom Jamie Spears is responsible for putting Lohan on the naughty list.

Here's what In Touch magazine has to say:

"Lindsay has always been a big fan of Britney and would love to attend a show. But there's no way she would ever get on the VIP list, because Brit's dad [and conservator, Jamie Spears] has a strict 'No Lindsay' rule… Jamie always felt that Lindsay was a bad influence on Britney. He wants to keep Britney on the straight and narrow, and that means not being around Lindsay ever again."

As a result of Lindsay Lohan's bad behavior, she apparently can't check out any of Britney Spears' shows in Las Vegas over the next two years. Since this info comes from an anonymous source, it's truly anybody's guess if there's a single shred of truth to these reports.

If Lohan needs to see someone perform live during an upcoming trip to Las Vegas, then she can always take in the other acts Planet Hollywood has lined up this year. Not only is Meat Loaf reportedly returning to the "RockTellz and CockTails" stage at the PH Showroom, the Jacksons are also scheduled to appear at the venue beginning this February.

Altogether, the surviving members of the R&B group will perform a total of 40 shows during the concert series. Planet Hollywood describes the gig as a "high-energy, one-of-a-kind live show" that sprinkles in a few stories and anecdotes in-between tunes.

"We are thrilled to be a part of 'Rocktellz and Cocktails' at Planet Hollywood. As a Las Vegas resident, I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this amazing series at one of the most iconic entertainment destinations in the world," Jackie Jackson said in a recent statement.

The singer continued, "My brothers and I can't wait to take the stage and bring our hits -- and the stories behind them — to life for the fans."

Do you believe that Lindsay Lohan is currently banned from seeing Britney Spears during her stint at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas?