Just what are those college degrees you go into debt for worth?

It is a refrain we hear constantly as we grow up – get your college education because you’ll go nowhere without it and so we go into debt in order to live up to others expectations of us and proportedly to help us get better paying jobs.

The question is though as we head down that path – what should we be taking in college or university to best get us ready for those high paying jobs. Well to help us make those decisions Georgetown University has released a new report that breaks down the various college majors and how they relate to our future fortunes.

If you are out for the big money the report says to head down the engineering road and not to expect any real money if you follow your artistic proclivities.

Engineers are the king of the cash hill, raking in a median salary of $75K, while Psychology and Social Worker graduates beg for the trickle-down table scraps, amounting to $42K. The brightest light in the non-hard sciences is the Social Sciences, with economists earning $70K, using their savvy knowledge of money to rake in more than their compatriots in both finance and architecture.

Art majors are pretty much doomed to small studio apartments, maxing out at $46K for a career in film (the graph below represents the bottom 25 percentile to the top 75th percentile earnings for each major; dotted line indicates median).

via Fast Company