Caleb Gordley: Parents Now Crying Murder After Drunk Teen Was Killed In Home Invasion

Caleb Gordley's case made news when he entered a home near his own after a night out drinking in March of 2013. He was mistaken for an intruder and was shot and killed by his neighbor. The boy's parents initially forgave the shooter, but are now claiming that it was murder, not self-defense.

Gordley's parents say that new details in the police report, released to them nearly five months after the incident, have changed their minds and they believe that their son was murdered.

"At no point, from the homeowner's...testimony, the account of the events, did he ever describe Caleb in any way being aggressive," Shawn Gordley, Caleb Gordley's father, told ABC News' "20/20."
Caleb Gordley, 16, was shot to death in the home of his neighbors who lived two doors down from his parents. The parents of the boy say he was grounded, so they hadn't known he had snuck out for a night out drinking with his friends. According to The Inquisitr, the boy's friends didn't realize that the boy was entering his neighbor's home.

The boy's friends had help hoist Caleb in through a back window, setting off the burglar alarm. The neighbor grabbed a gun and fired a warning shot before investigating who was breaking into the home, and Caleb was shot.

Caleb Gordley's mother, Jennea Gordley, told reporters that her son had been shot in the back. "If you're really in fear of danger of your life and your family's life, why would you allow a person...that appeared to be dazed to you, walk right past you and then you shoot him in the back?"

"You could have...shot him in leg," Shawn Gordley said. "Instead he lined himself up at the perfect angle to shoot a hollow point bullet through my son's lung and explode his chest and then a fourth shot at his head for good measure."
The neighbor, Donald West Wilder, initially told police that he saw Gordley and warned him to leave his home before he fired any shots. No charges have been filed against Wilder, and Jennea Gordley said that she doesn't believe locking him up will solve anything.

[Image via Remembering Caleb Gordley]