Kara DioGuardi Reveals: She Ate Pot Brownies At Paula Abdul’s House

We may have finally discovered the reason for Paula Abdul’s aloof persona during her time on American Idol, apparently the performer loves to indulge in some “medicinal” brownies. Fellow former Idol judge Kara DioGuardi appeared on Lopez Tonight and told George that while staying at Paula’s house she returned home to some “delicious looking brownies.”

Without knowing what “secret ingredient” awaited her Kara says she dug in and then:

“Six hours later I was like ‘heeey what going on, how you doing?’,” and “I fell out of bed on the floor and stumbled downstairs. I was thinking brain tumor and the ambulance comes and the guy goes, ‘This b**ch is high as a kite.'”

According to Kara the brownies were brought over by a friend of Abdul for a party and the maid had removed them from the freezer to defrost.

So that begs the question? What was Paula eating before American Idol live shows? I’m going to guess magical lollipops or laced Coca Cola hidden in plain sight.

Here’s the DioGuardi interview on Lopez Tonight: