Ashley Benson, Ryan Good Engaged? Rumors Claim Engagement Ring

Rumors claim Ashley Benson and Ryan Good engaged, but so far the only evidence is a potential engagement ring spotted on the wedding band finger. Or are the tabloids just making themselves out to be pretty little liars?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many Hollywood stars tend to use social media to make major life announcements, but in this case the only thing new from Ashley Benson is a nearly nude photo from her Spring Breakers audition.

Ashley Benson's dating life has been interesting this past year, to say the least. At one point it was rumored she was dating James Franco but that was denied by the star, although something apparently upset Justin Bieber. But then Ashley Benson and Ryan Good's relationship took a dive in the spring of 2013 when she decided she wanted to be a career woman:

"I've always been in relationships. And I knew I needed to learn to be comfortable alone. Anytime you go through a breakup, it's rough. Ryan and I are still close, but I'm too young to be in a serious relationship. Work is my boyfriend!"
What a difference a year can make. On December 20, when Benson was celebrating her birthday, Justin Bieber's "swagger coach" apparently were back together, with attendees claiming "Ryan and Ashley were kissing each other all night." Benson and newly re-minted boyfriend Good apparently left together to Los Angeles on a plane to celebrate the rest of the holidays together.

At one point, Benson made this comment which may have turned out to be a prediction:

"Relationships can be scary because once you're in one, you have to face the idea of breaking up or staying together forever."
So pictures of Ashley Benson's engagement ring are not exactly that clear. Reports claim she was wearing a "noteworthy piece of bling" on January 7 while leaving the Los Angeles Chateau Marmont. Personally, if you compare two photos of her wearing something on her ring finger, it seems obvious they're completely different and she's likely just wanting to ward the guys off:

Ashley Benson Engagement Ring Photo

Assuming it's not a gift or a self-purchase, the only likely candidate fiancee is Ryan Good. But if Ashley Benson's wedding is around the corner, we're unlikely to get any confirmation soon... she didn't confirm she was dating Good until after the last time they broke up!