Jonathan Lipnicki Files Restraining Order Against Ex

Former Jerry Maguire star Jonathan Lipnicki was granted a temporary restraining order from an apparently crazed ex girlfriend. Thanks to Access Hollywood’s detective work we have learned that the Ex’s name is Amber Watson and that she legally can come no closer than 100 yards from Lipnicki.

According to court documents, the child star stated that Watson convinced his roommates to let her into his room on May 14th.

“She was there to have it out with me for reasons I am still not sure of,” the actor stated. “I was sick and she pulled my blankets off. When I tried to get up, she tried to pin me to my bed. I had to move her off me physically and get out of Dodge.”

Lipnicki then stated that Watson threatened to “annihilate” him. After an apparent twenty minute struggle involving multiple people they were finally above to remove Watson from the actor’s house.

The hearing is set for June 7 to determine whether it will be necessary to extend the order.