‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 3.10: ‘The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks’ Recap

Marie is at the Coven after the massacre at Cornrow City. She tells Fiona that she is ashamed to show her her weakness, and says her kindness has touched her soul, and that she has finally found her equal after 300 years. Fiona says they’ll discuss drawing the battle lines in the morning after Marie rests.

Papa Legba (Lance Reddick) comes to Marie as she sleeps and says it’s time for her to pay her debt. He asks why she is in the house of her enemy and she says she wants to create a lasting truce. He tells her not until she pays her price.

Marie steals a baby from a hospital. She is stopped by security as she tries to leave and says she needs the baby. Her eyes turn white and she ululates, causing the security guards to shoot each other. The baby cries and, with a look of disgust, tells it to shut up.

Delia, Fiona, and Marie are watching a news report about the shooting at Cornrow City. Delia says it’s her fault, but Marie says she hired him. She tells Fiona and Delia that Hank was a witch hunter and explains that he was trying to protect them. Fiona slaps Delia and tells her that she wasn’t just blind, but willfully blind. She explains that witch hunters don’t work alone and explains that they have to find “the hive.” The news switches to a report about a newborn baby being kidnapped from the hospital and Marie turns it off.

Misty is dancing in front of a mirror and Fiona comes in. Misty says if she tries to kill her, she’s already made plans for how to bring herself back. Fiona tells her that the Supremacy is a “skeleton key” and that it can bring her anything she wants. She brings Misty downstairs to meet someone. Misty asks, “Who are you?” Stevie Nicks turns around and introduces herself. Misty faints and Fiona tells Stevie she owes her $5.

Stevie is playing the piano and singing “Rhiannon” when Madison, Zoe, and Nan come back to the academy. Madison tells Fiona she’s a huge Eminem fan and Fiona says she’s not his type. She says Madison isn’t the next Supreme. Misty says she knows everything about Stevie and gives her her shawl.

Madison is upset about Misty possibly being the next Supreme. Nan says she could be next and makes Madison put out her cigarette. She tells her to put the cigarette in her vagina and Madison starts to before Zoe stops her.

Delia shows Fiona and Marie a picture of Harrison Renard, Hank’s father. Fiona says they need a plan before they go after him, so they create a spell to cut off Delphi Trust’s money supply. Delia says she wants to help but Fiona says she’s hopeless and worthless. Fiona puts mice into a maze and puts a mousetrap at the end. Federal agents come to Delphi Trust with a warrant for search and seizure. One of the mice finds the mousetrap, and Fiona flinches. Marie asks if she’s alright and Fiona says she is, but faints.

Nan and Zoe go to the hospital to see Luke, only to find out that he died the night before. Nan cries and says she wanted to say goodbye.

Marie is trying to clear out bad spirits from Fiona’s room, but Fiona says it wasn’t bad spirits that made her sick. As the next Supreme’s powers grows, her cancer grows. Fiona says she can help her live, but Marie says she sold her soul to Papa Legba. She had just come into her powers and was pregnant. She wanted to live forever, but it came with a price – her baby. She cries as she gives her child to him, and tells Fiona that he still comes to her once a year. Marie says if she wants him bad enough, he’ll hear her, and Fiona smiles.

Madison and Misty are out, and Madison explains that she owes Stevie and Fiona. “Players only love you when they’re playing,” she says. She tells Misty she does think she’s stupid and tells her to change her opinion. They go to a cemetery and Madison brings a recently deceased man back to life. Madison says she just wants to be her friend, and tells her to lose the shawl Stevie gave her. As Misty goes to drop the shawl in the casket, Madison hits her over the head with a brick, dropping her into the open casket.

Nan and Zoe go to visit Joan to find out where Luke’s body is so they can have Misty bring him back. Joan says she had him cremated and shows them the urn. Nan screams at her and says she killed him with the pillow. She uses her mind control to force Joan to drink bleach.

Delia and Myrtle are in the greenhouse, and Myrtle is playing a theremin. She says it soothes her soul, and Delia says she wishes something could soothe hers. She says she doesn’t belong anywhere anymore and Myrtle suggests she bottle her salad dressings or become a hostess on a cruise ship. Delia begins smashing pots as she realizes she has nothing to offer the Coven anymore.

David tells Harrison that the company has lost 50 percent of its assets. Harrison says they’ve been in business over 100 years, and now he gives them a week. He says there was nothing natural about what happened, and that it’s finally time for them to deal with the witches.

Fiona conjures Papa Legba and tells him she doesn’t want to die. She says she’ll give him her soul and he says he’ll give her freedom for death. He asks her what she’s willing to do, and she says she’s willing to cripple her daughter or murder an innocent. They go to seal the deal, but he calls it off – she has no soul to sell. The Axeman appears and says they have to find the girl that’s taking her down. Fiona tells him she has no soul and that she’ll kill them all.

Zoe tells Nan that she could be the Supreme because she’s only seen Fiona get inside someone’s head. Nan says she would be a nice Supreme. She hears something and goes into Marie’s room, finding the baby in the closet. She knows Marie stole it to kill it and says she killed Joan and will kill her too. Fiona tells her to give the baby back or she’ll make her do it. Marie says she barely remembers her baby’s face and feels like the baby could be hers. Fiona says maybe they can kill two birds with one stone. They drown Nan in the tub and Papa Legba comes. He told Marie no substitutions and says her and Fiona together is dangerous. Nan’s soul comes and she says anywhere is better than the Coven.

Stevie is playing “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You” on the piano and Fiona says it’s the perfect ending to a long day. Fiona lays on the couch and begins to cry.