Miss Venezuela Dead: Monica Spear's Murder Will Have Justice, Vows President

Following the announcement that Miss Venezuela is dead, Monica Spear's murder will be avenged, according to a judge.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Miss Venezuela 2004 was shot dead during a highway robbery.

Reports say their vehicle went off the road due to flat tires. While their car was being lifted to be towed, several assailants ambushed them. Spear's ex-husband Henry Thomas Berry was also killed in the shooting, but their five year-old daughter survived despite suffering a gunshot wound to the leg. She's said to be in stable condition in a Venezuelan hospital.

According to Venezuelan Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, the motive for Miss Venezuela's murder is thought to be robbery:

"It is presumed that the motive was robbery. We are still investigating. There are five people detained who are being interrogated."
Some of these suspects are younger than 18 years old.

Venezuela is one of the world's most violent countries; one person is said to be murdered every 21 minutes. The country's murder rate is an astounding 80 deaths per 100,000 people, which makes it worse than Iraq and Mexico.

Luis Izquiel, a lawyer and criminologist in Caracas, says if the victim hadn't been Miss Venezuela then no one would have noticed:

"This happens every day in Venezuela.... If the victim had not been this actress, the person would simply be one more statistic."
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro vows the murderers of Monica Spear will meet justice:
"There will be no tolerance for those who seek to carry out such actions, killing good men and women, killing men and women who have a right to life. What is your excuse? I speak here to the criminals who killed this young woman: What excuse do you have for committing murder?"
Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear was only age 29.