N. Korea Rap Video: Washington Hip-Hop Duo Film Video In Pyongyang

A N. Korea rap video filmed in Pyongyang is helping two Washington, D.C., rappers set themselves apart and add another strange chapter to the relationship between the two nations.

While the United States maintains a strained relationship with N. Korea, rappers Pacman and Peso traveled to the nation's capital of Pyongyang to film their video, "Escape to North Korea."

"We shot a great music video and did something nobody has done so I feel great about it," said Pacman through his manager.

The N. Korea rap video comes out as former NBA star Dennis Rodman is leading a contingent of retired players for an exhibition game on leader Kim Jong Un's birthday. More than 14,000 fans filled Pyongyang Indoor Stadium and cheered as Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to the N. Korean leader.

The North Korean team was beating the American team 47 to 39 at halftime before the teams were mixed. Rodman played the first half, but sat next to Kim Jong Un in the second half.

"A lot of people have expressed different views about me and your leader, your marshal, and I take that as a compliment," Rodman told the crowd. "Yes, he is a great leader, he provides for his people here in this country and thank God the people here love the marshal."

The game and Rodman's so-called "basketball democracy" has been criticized by human rights groups, members of Congress, and even the NBA.

Though the United States has a complicated relationship with the eastern Asian nation, it does not prohibit US citizens from traveling there, which leads the way for visits like the North Korea rap video and Rodman's basketball trips.

The N. Korea rap video is only moderately popular so far, with a shade over 11,000 views in its first day.