John Edwards faces charges for misappropriating campaign funds

Former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards will be charged with misusing campaign funds, The New York Times has reported.

The past year and a half has been a difficult one for Edwards, with many of the difficulties he has faced stemming from his affair with Rielle Hunter. Hunter shared her story in GQ, and Edwards sheepishly admitted to fathering her child while he was married to wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth left John, and died less than a month later of breast cancer. The affair destroyed Edwards’ political career, and has now led to serious criminal charges.

The NYT published the contents of an email confirming the impending Department of Justice action:

“D.O.J. has made its decision to move forward with charges,” the person said in an e-mail exchange with The New York Times. “This phase of the case is moving rapidly toward conclusion,” the person added, but did not clarify whether this meant that an indictment was coming or that a plea bargain was in the works.

Even if Edwards is offered a plea, he will likely have to surrender his law license and admit to wrongdoing.