Naked Man Rescued From Washing Machine 'Reborn' During Escape

A naked Australian man who was rescued from a washing machine after a prank had gone awry has described his escape as a rebirth.

The man, who has only been identified as Laurence, was rescued thanks to the efforts of emergency workers and a bottle of olive oil, which was used to lubricate his skin. It took around 20 minutes for the individual to be freed from his miniature metallic prison.

Laurence has now opened up about his short stint inside the device which is usually reserved for cleaning clothes and is seldom used as an abode.

He admitted that it all began after he had "decided to have a bit of sneaky fun while in the nude." However, after wedging himself into the machine his attempt at comedy turned into a tragedy.

Laurence became aware that he "couldn't get actually fully in or fully out" before then deciding that he "had to call for assistance." Speaking to the Australian radio station Star FM, Laurence candidly commented that his urgency to escape rapidly increased after he realised that he "really just wanted another beer."

He continued, "I thought, 'Oh I can easily fit in there because it's quite a large washing machine,' but yeah, the way that I sat in with the legs crossed, I just couldn't move them to get back out."

Amongst his friends, the self-proclaimed "practical joker" admitted that he is known as "Laurence, he's always nude." He also stated that the location of his latest mishap pales in comparison to other areas where he has been caught in the buff, claiming that he has "been in stranger places if that's possible."

Laurence then described the incident in more detail, explaining that after panicking a tad when he first became trapped he called a friend for assistance.

"She said, 'Are you serious?' And I said, 'Yeah you're going to need to call the fire guys or something.' I said 'just call Mum or Dad, get an angle grinder and just cut [the machine] down the middle."

Thankfully for both Laurence's torso and the innocent washing machine, cooler heads prevailed and stunned rescue workers soon arrived to help him escape. However, Laurence noted, "a lot of them just stood around in awe and they just wanted to see it for themselves."

He then added after using various other ointments to aid his removal they turned to olive oil, before describing his eventually escape as a "birthing."

"I said, 'Just drag the washing machine out and put it on its side, maybe that will help', so as soon as we did that I just sort of fell out onto the floor," Laurence remarked, "It was a bit like a birthing."

However, despite the fact that he is once again able to put his feet back on terra firma, it wasn't all good news for Laurence, who admitted, "I was quite disappointed they used my good olive oil."

[Image via Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock]