Patricia Heaton Preaches Jesus on Adam Corolla Show

The former “Everybody Loves Raymond” star is creating buzz and it has nothing to do with her new web comedy series “Versailles.” This Monday Patricia Heaton was a guest on the Adam Carolla show; she used the opportunity to attempt to convert the well known atheist to Christianity.

“I think it’s interesting that you keep having these born agains come into your life – your driver, the guys you were in construction with,” Heaton said on the show. “C.S. Lewis calls those the hounds of heaven.”

The fact that this took place just a few days after Harold Camping rapture scam left the doors wide open for Corolla, but surprisingly he didn’t express opposition to the religious advances. Instead he admitted he was comfortable in his state of apathy towards it all.

“My whole thing is I’m an atheist. I’ll be over here taking a nap. If you want to spend your weekend volunteering … God bless you. Get more of those gang bangers off our streets. I’ll be the lazy atheist sitting around at home. I’ll be reaping the rewards of you pulling the gang bangers off the streets and giving them food.”

[Via Christian Post]