Barnes & Noble Announces “Cheaper” Nook, Offers 2-Month Battery Life

Barnes & Noble on Tuesday announced their newest iteration of the Nook e-Reader, a lower priced version of their popular eBook gadget.

The new version of the touchscreen enabled Nook is said to have no page turning latency and a battery that can easily last two months (double the Amazon Kindle series).

The device features a 6-inch Pearl E Ink display and comes in at a light 7.5 ounces with dimensions of 5 x 6.5-inches. The device also features “37 less buttons than the latest Kindle” a fact that B&N is touting for the device.

At $139 the June 10 release of the device should help them fly off the shelf. Users can also pick up the company’s original WiFi only model for $119 and the 3G model for $169.

It looks like the e-Reader wars are just starting to heat up and in terms of battery and size options the Nook is in the lead.