Barnes & Noble Claims Huge Nook Holiday Sales Win

With millions of books sold, it may be the technology that delivers many of those books that ended up turning around Barnes & Noble sales. B&N have announced a huge sales turnaround thanks to holiday sales of their B&N Nook, a popular eReader that offers a dual display and Google Android support.

When examining “comparable store sales” from their large stores that have been open for at least 1.25 years, execs for the company say their sales were double what was expected with a 9.7% increase in overall numbers. Execs also announced that December 23 was the best “single sales” day in the history of the eReader.

While full numbers have not yet been released, B&N officials have promised better financial numbers on January 6, which should offer up some interesting comparisons between book and non-book sales.

A positive sales figure could be great news for Barnes & Noble shareholders who could possibly see a takeover bid come there way from competing bookseller Borders. Borders is rumored to be in buy mode, specifically so they can get their hands on the Nook.