Three Siblings Give Parents Precious Christmas Calendar Sure To Bring Tears To Their Eyes

Credit reddit user RUSirius7 for tons of creativity when it comes to gifting.

This particular user of the mostly-anonymous online community devised a calendar for dear ol' Mum and recreated old family photos with her two brothers.

The new pics, combined with the old one, come together to created 12 months worth of sweet and funny memories made new.

Comments on the project were positive, including her ability to still do the splits she performed in her youth.

"My goal is to recreate that one again in our 30's and 40's and I WILL have my splits then too!" she said.

Of course, sometimes putting some personal stuff out there can disrupt the anonymous aspects of reddit, such as when people start to recognize landmarks in photos. Then her brother's childhood friend recognized her.

Apparently, RUSirius7 had to do some serious arts and crafts time in order to get the wardrobes just right for some of the photos, from drawing a shirt pattern on with a sharpie to making replica shoes from flip-flops and craft foam.

Image 1

It's interesting to see each photo recreated with the same expression, even when it's clearly boredom.

Image 2

Think she ever achieved her powerlifting ambitions?

Image 3

Wonder which one of them still sleeps in bunk beds?

Image 4

Are those props or actual baked goods?

Image 5

It doesn't look like he actually turned the shower on for this one.

Image 6

Road trip!

Image 7

Christmas in July?

Image 8

Bunny ears never gets old.

Image 9

With special guest starring cousin.

Image 10

The aforementioned split. Impressive indeed.

Image 11

Sunscreen application?

Image 12

"It's Christmas all over again."