Saudi Arabia Sees Human Body Parts ‘Fall From The Sky’

Saudi Arabia had quite a shock this weekend when human body parts suddenly “fell from the sky.” Citizens of Jeddah were quick to share a photo of what appears to be a human body in the middle of the street.

Police spokesman Nawaf bin Naser al-Bouq recalled the report, “Police received a telephone call at 2:30 am from a witness reporting the fall of human remains at an intersection in Mushrefa neighborhood.”

It is unknown if the remains were connected to an emergency landing on Sunday, when a Saudi Arabian Airlines craft was forced down due to complications in the wheel bay. The plane possibly connected to the incident was carrying 315 passengers to Mashhad in Iran when a wheel malfunction forced it to land in Medina, inuring 29 people.

It is not unheard of to find people attempting to stow away in the landing gear compartment to get across a border. Those people don’t usually survive the cold temperatures that ensue when the plane achieves flight, freezing to death before they even arrive.

Though Saudi Arabia police deny any possible connection, the fallen human body parts may indeed be a landing gear stowaway.

Previously similar events have even caused the resignation of the head of Beirut’s airport security, when it was discovered that a man died after hiding in the undercarriage of a jet. The man’s body had been discovered in 2010 after the craft landed, and it meant that Beirut airport security had failed to stop him.

Saudi Arabia dead body possible landing gear stowaway
Saudi Arabia dead body is possible landing gear stowaway.

The picture of the human body parts fallen from the plane in Jeddah has been circulated all over Saudi Arabia news and social media, and it is yet unknown or unconfirmed what flight the mysterious human cargo fell from. Until further details are released, the origin of the incident remains unknown.

We only know that stowing away in the landing gear to get into an airplane can be hazardous and usually deadly.

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