Kim Dotcom Raid: Megaupload Founder’s Mother Held At Gunpoint , BMW Seized

Kim Dotcom has seen an internet piracy case tighten around him, and now even the family of the controversial mogul is feeling the heat.

Reports this weekend said that authorities raided the New Zealand mansion of the Megaupload founder and also targeted this mother’s house in Germany, searching for a car Kim bought for her.

A report published in Vice magazine said his mother “was also swarmed by assault rifle-toting authorities who came to seize a car that Kim bought for her.”

Kim Dotcom referred to the raids as a “co-ordinated global strike” against him.

In December the FBI released a detailed account of evidence against Doctom so that victims of his alleged piracy could make a claim against his seized fortune. The 191-page document contained allegations similar to the indictment that prompted a 2012 raid, including hundreds of thousands of movie downloads.

Lawyers for the internet mogul had opposed the release of information, saying it would hurt his right to a fair trial.

Kim Dotcom himself brushed off the evidence, tweeting: “Merry Xmas from DOJ & MPAA: 2 years later still NO evidence of willful copyright infringement or a Mega conspiracy.”

But the FBI claimed that Megaupload willfully ignored copyrights. The company had the technology to identify copyrighted material, using its own filtration system to identify and remove extreme pornography and terrorism content.

Throughout the investigation, Kim Dotcom has remained active, announcing in November he had developed a Mega app for iOS that was submitted to Apple for approval.

Doctom also revealed that engineers were working to improve the Mega.Co.Nz website, writing:

is also launching a new and improved site with our iOS app. Faster & better than ever. Encrypted communication features will follow.

Sync for Windows, Mac and Linux coming soon. We did a beta test with 150 users and are currently fixing some bugs.

In a recent interview, Kim Dotcom admitted that his boisterous personality and extravagant lifestyle make him an easy target.