Natalie Webb Accused Of Raping Own Kids, Charging Adults To Watch

Natalie Webb, an Oklahoma mom, stands charged today with raping three of her own four children — and a police affidavit says other adults paid her for the privilege of watching. The fourth child escaped the abuse only by hiding in a dumpster, the affidavit says.

Authorities in Beckham County say they were alerted to accusations against Natalie Webb in August of 2013 when an Oklahoma Department of Human Services investigator reported that Natalie Webb was “selling sex” with children to other adults, according to KOKH TV News in Oklahoma City.

The DHS investigator said the allegation came from a boy under 9 years old, who said that Natalie Webb was abusing him and three other children. Webb denied to police that she had done anything to harm her children and asked to take a polygraph test, which she failed, The Huffington Post reported.

The police affidavit, obtained by The Huffington Post and viewable below, says an 8-year-old boy and his two 3-year-old sisters suffered the rapes at the hands of Natalie Webb, their own mother, while groups of adults looked on. The adults are believed to have paid Webb to watch her sexually abuse her children.

The affidavit is based largely on the statements of Natalie Webb’s oldest son, age nine, who told police he avoided being raped by his mother when he ran away and hid in an outdoor trash receptacle.

The 9-year-old said that he witnessed his brother being abused and heard screaming and crying from his toddler-aged sisters from inside the room where he believed the abuse to be occurring. One of the 3-year-olds also told investigators that she was abused, describing the feeling as “nasty.”

The older boy said that his mother used a foreign object of some kind in the rapes.

The Elk City mother denied the allegations to Beckham County Sheriff’s investigator Steve Bonds, saying, “Somebody hurt ’em. I’m supposed to protect my kids.”

“Natalie, you didn’t,” Bonds replied, according to The Huffington Post.

Natalie Webb is also a methamphetamine user who would inject the drug, and who has admitted being under the influence while in the company of her children, according to the affidavit in which the boy attributed the sexual abuse to his mother’s drug use.

“When mom took the needles it would make her act different,” the affidavit refers to the boy as telling police. “She would act weird and… her arm would have little dots where it was bleeding.”

Natalie Lynn Webb Probable Cause Affidavit.

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