Susann Stacy: Woman Posts Bloody Selfie After Beating From Husband, Police Rescue Her

Susann Stacy posted a selfie of her bruised and bloodied face with the words “Help please anyone” after her husband beat her with a gun and pulled the phone cord from the wall, prompting a police response that may have saved her life.

The Kentucky woman was brutally attacked this week by her husband, who struck her on the head numerous times with a gun. By ripping the phone from the wall he also cut off her only chance for rescue, though a quick thinking Facebook post saved her life.

Susann Stacy took the bloody selfie, which showed her face bruised and streams of blood pouring from multiple wounds on her head. A friend saw the picture and immediately dialed 911.

Police arrived shortly afterward, finding that the woman’s husband, Donnie Stacy, had just left. He was found shortly afterward and charged with assault

“She had several lacerations to the head. They appeared to be bad but we really couldn’t tell at the time, due to her hair was matted to her, and the blood,” Leslie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Mullins told WKYT-TV.

Susann Stacy later recounted the life-saving selfie on Facebook:

A statement about the events of Monday.. I posted a picture via WiFi because it was my ONLY way to seek help. I didn’t have a phone to call on… no cell service… just WiFi. I just wanted help.. to not die in a pool of my own blood in my kitchen floor. I am thankful for all the help… care… concern… and humanity shown to me. There are so many negative statements being made… along with positive ones… following the news stories. To each their own. Time to find that more better forever. Blessings.

Police said Donnie Stacy attacked his wife after he heard her on the phone with another man. An investigation turned up a loaded gun in the backyard, the same one police say was used in the beating.

A picture of Susann Stacy and her life-saving selfie can be found here, but be warned that the image is graphic.