‘Titanfall’ Release Date: PC Not Getting Launch Mod Support, But What About EA Servers?

The Titanfall release date is closing in on March 11, but modders will be sad to know that when the game launches, there will be no support for user-based add-ons. With Titanfall being a multiplayer-only title, we can’t help but wonder about the server support, never mind what can be added.

Electronic Arts has shown that their servers are problematic with two major titles in 2013. SimCity and Battlefield 4 have both been victims of online dysfunction. Titanfall is coming from the same publisher, and even with the news about no mod support at launch, the real question is whether we will be able to play it at all.

If we can’t log in on the Titanfall release date, and have to wait until EA fixes the servers again, won’t their biggest upcoming title be a failure from the start?

At least the mods might get support later on, as Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella stated on Twitter, “not at launch for sure, will have to evaluate after launch.”

This probably means that EA is starting to realize that their servers have been their biggest setback to customers actually enjoying their games, and modding tools will only complicate the problem. Titanfall PS4 fans are probably lucky that Respawn isn’t making the game on any PlayStation platforms. Between EA’s server problems and PSN’s stability, it’s easy to predict that actual Titanfall gameplay could be a roll of the dice.

Could this all effect sales? Eventually, it could. No mod support, no PS4 Titanfall, possible server problems at launch, and no single player mode could combine to give EA a headache to start out 2014 with. EA should probably take a few suggestions from Rockstar Games at this point, because if server issues foul the Titanfall release date like they did with Battlefield 4 and SimCity, gamers could just stop trusting Electronic Arts to even make games any more.