‘Titanfall’ Release Date Set For Early 2014, Merchandise Later In The Year

The Titanfall release date is set for early 2014 in a country that Microsoft said they weren’t sure it would be released in. The giant mech suits are set to storm the Xbox 360 and PC, with the Xbox One version noticeably absent. Titanfall is coming to Japan in March.

Titanfall is one of the most anticipated games for Microsoft’s consoles, and it appears that Electronic Arts is taking their time with it and making sure it’s worth releasing before it hits the shelves. Sim City gamers probably wish the developer had done the same before server issues had gotten players banned for nothing more than complaining about the problem in their forum.

Japan is looking at a Titanfall release date of March 13, 2014, with the US and Canada getting it only a couple of days earlier.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the single-player mode was cut so EA could focus on what gamers spend more time with, but single-player aspects were built into its multiplayer only gameplay, so there will be a sense of accomplishment and reward.

Mad Catz is releasing their own official Titanfall branded products later next year. An Xbox 360 stereo headset, a 4D headset for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, and several controllers are all dropping around mid December with official Titanfall logos on them.

North America will get its Titanfall release date on March 11, and the UK will get their version on March 14.

The mech mayhem is set to begin early next year, alongside other titles which were delayed possibly to avoid fighting Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty: Ghosts for sales. The official word on the delay of Watch Dogs was that Ubisoft is putting more polish into the game, though the timing seems indicative of sales competition. It appears Titanfall is getting the same treatment.

Are you excited to play Titanfall when it hits worldwide in March?

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