Paul Walker Porsche Was Going 100 MPH, Coroner Says

The Porsche carrying actor Paul Walker was traveling at 100-plus miles per hour at the time of the fatal crash.

That was the conclusion of the Los Angeles County Coroner in a final autopsy report released today.

The Fast & Furious actor and his friend Roger Rodas, who was driving, died on November 30 in a car crash in Santa Clarita, Calif., about 30 miles north of Hollywood, when their red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT burst in flames after hitting a light pole. Both died at the scene. The initial corner’s findings indicated that Walker passed away form a “combination of traumatic and thermal injuries,” which was confirmed in the final report.

Today’s coroner’s report also indicated that there were no drugs or alchohol in either man’s system at the time of this tragic accident.

The coroner’s office is still uncertain, however, as to exactly why Rodas lost control of the car after they left a charity event:

“For unknown reasons, the driver lost control of the vehicle, and the vehicle partially spun around, and began to travel in a southeast direction. The vehicle then struck a sidewalk and the driver’s side of the vehicle struck a tree and then a light post. The force of those collisions caused the vehicle to spin 180 degrees, and it continued to travel in an easterly direction. The passenger side of the vehicle then struck a tree and the vehicle burst into flames.”

The San Jose Mercury News noted that “The final cause of the collision has not been determined by sheriff’s investigators with the Santa Clarita station, who are investigating, but they have said since the day of the accident that speed played a role.” Added CBS News: “The report indicates that Walker’s body was badly charred in the accident, and positive identification by visuals alone was impossible. Investigators found no mechanical problems with the Porsche or problems with the roadway.”

The full autopsy report on the car accident that took Paul Walker’s life can be found here.