Sugar Bowl Brawl: Female Alabama Fan Attacks OU Student [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Someone was apparently even more upset than Katherine Webb at Alabama's surprise loss last night in the Sugar Bowl.

As shown in the video embedded above, a woman got into an argument with an Oklahoma fan to the point where she hurled herself on top of him WWE style and started punching and kicking wildly. The woman is reportedly a mother of three who attended the game with her to young daughters and a teenaged son, and the incident occurred near the end of the third quarter. The woman was at first restrained by a man, but she eluded him and charged head first at the OU student.

Oklahoma upset the Crimson Tide -- who for most of the season were vying for the college football national championship -- last night by a score of 45-31 at the Sugar Bowl, which takes place each year at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

OU junior Michael Connolly claims to be the victim in the melee, and he described what happened to Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard website. Apparently there was a lot of banter going back and forth between the 'Bama fans and the OU fans in the stands.

"... At one point she went up to get a beer, and was kind of talking s— to us when she got back. She just kept flicking us off and stuff during the game. A few times, my friend yelled in the direction of her group of 'Bama fans, 'I yell 'Roll Tide' when I eff my cousin,' but since she was the only one standing it seemed like it was directed only at her. Eventually her son, who weighs about 120 pounds, told us to come up and fight him. We were like, "No, come down here." That was when the woman came down and the video started. She was screaming at me, and sticking her tongue out at me so I asked, 'Are you trying to make out with me?' And my friend was yelling 'Kiss her! Kiss her!'That's when she walked away, and then jumped me. When she kicked me, it left giant boot marks on my shirt. I'm not sure if the guy restraining her was her husband or not -- they weren't sitting right next to each other -- but she was kicked out of the game and her two daughters were crying."

[thumbnail image credit: infrogmation]