Death by sofa

It’s bad enough that sofas (or couches for you Americans) can turn us all into potatoes but it seems they aren’t happy with doing just that anymore. Nope – now they’re going for the jugular, so to speak. It seems that some sofas and armchairs being manuafactured by a company in China are responsible for killing some of the owners of their LinkWise sofas.

The lastest deaths though show that these sofa’s aren’t happy just taking out the adult members of a family but are also going after children and our pets.

The wife and mother of the latest victims, in Paris, said they used a LinkWise chair sold by French firm Conforama. She said: “They had burns on their backs and legs. When my husband was in hospital, our cat would not leave his master’s chair. Two weeks later he was dead.”

Apparently the Chinese company thought it would be a really good idea to stick sachets of dimethyl funarate (DMF) in various parts of the sofas and chairs. This turns out not to have been such a great idea because DMF is so toxic that those who come in contact with should be wearing protective glasses and clothing.

In the cases of these deaths what was happening was that the body heat of those lying on the sofas was causing the DMF to vapourize. When this happened the persons affected could suffer violent irritant-related eczema as a least case senerio right up to the final hurrah – death.

First it was Chinese pet food killing our dogs, then it was tainted food killing us and now it’s Chinese manufactured furniture knocking us off. Anybody stop to wonder why we keep letting this type of thing happen because of the action of companies in one specific country?