Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez’s Segway Reunion Didn’t Make Taylor Swift ‘Mad’

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s Segway ride in Calabasas, California after months of not being seen together has sparked talk of a reunion.

The 19-year-old scream inducer and the Latina lovely were photographed riding (possibly) flirty on Segways on Thursday, January 2, around The Oaks, the gated, enclave where the heartthrob has a mansion and loads of friendly, eager-to-please neighbors.

The surprise sighting has made a temporary web star out of the Twitter user who posted photos of the on-off sweethearts, given hope to “Jelenators” everywhere that love can indeed be found on a motorized scooter.

But one thing it apparently hasn’t done, is make Taylor Swift “mad.”

Your shock is noted. We, too, saw that immortal gif of the “22” star’s less-than-enraptured response to her best friend cuddling up with her ex-boyfriend at last May’s Billboard Music Awards.

But this time, hypothetical images of Swift turning 180 degrees à la The Exorcist over Gomez and Bieber’s outing are seemingly wide of the mark.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Segwaying Back Into Each Other's Lives

And who would says such a thing we’ll pretend we hear you ask?

Why Hollywood Life.

The gossip outlet with a somewhat chequered reputation is claiming Taylor “does not support the reunion,” and is “mad” at Selena for breaking ” unofficial best friend law.”

Gossip Cop then points out HL forgets its own script and simultaneously reports as if Swift doesn’t know about the [speculated] reunion yet.

“Once Taylor finds out that Selena is hanging out with Justin she will be very mad,” a source purportedly tells Hollywood Life. “This is exactly what Selena has told Taylor all along that she would not do, and now that she has, [it] will show Taylor that she can’t trust Selena.”

Gossip Cop’s riot act continued with a list of claims HL has made that never came to pass, capping its takedown by quoting a source who dismissed claims Swift is upset about the ex-teen sweetheart’s get-together, saying, “Not at all.”

Selena Gomez Riding A Segway In Calabasas, California
Moving on.

Bieber and Gomez’s on-off relationship has been a source of fascination to fans and media since they first started dating in late 2010, to their first split in November 2012.

After reuniting, another breakup followed in the New Year after a row. A surprise visit by the Disney alum to see the “Baby” singer last April while he toured Europe ignited fresh talk of romance and a summer of “Are they/ Aren’t they?”

Wild South America tour legs and viral “sleeping” videos aside, the frequently shirtless star recently appeared to admit he is keeping a torch for Selena in an interview with Los Angeles hip-hop station Power 106.

“[The break up] affected us, especially when we are in front of so many people,” Bieber told the host Big Boy last month after admitting his song “All That Matters” is about the actress-singer. “It’s such a public thing. It’s just hard for the both of us. But you know, she’s a great woman. I love her till this day.”

For the moment Gomez is back in the States after she recently canceled the Australia and Asia legs of her Stars Dance tour. The 21-year-old cited a need to spend time on herself, amid reports she is suffering from the auto-immune disease Lupus.

All forgotten?

Taylor Swift Shows Her Hand At Billboard Music Awards 2013

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