Green Bay Packers Can’t Contain, Must Sustain Against San Francisco 49ers

The Green Bay Packers key to victory in this weekend’s NFC Wildcard showdown with the San Francisco is keeping quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense on the field as much as possible.

And scoring touchdowns, of course.

Green Bay’s defense isn’t going to be able to stop San Francisco’s offensive attack. With an expected high of 0-degrees for kickoff Sunday in Green Bay, this game will be contested on the ground as much as possible. The stats don’t lie: pass production drops off in correlation to the temperature as frozen temperatures make for unsure hands for both quarterbacks and receivers. Guess what, Green Bay fans? The Packers defense ranks 25th in the NFL against the run, with regard to yards allowed (of course, at 24th, they don’t fair much better in the air).

Add to that the fact that San Francisco’s rushing attack is third in the league in yardage, and it doesn’t look good for Green Bay Packers fans.

So, the key to counteracting that is extended drives by the Packers offense, drives that result in touchdowns. Mind you, the 49ers are in the league’s top five defending the pass or the run. Green Bay needs big days from Eddie Lacy on the ground, sure hands from the receiving corps, and a Super Bowl-caliber performance from QB Aaron Rodgers if they want to stand a chance of advancing beyond the wildcard round in the 2014 playoffs.

How will the Packers signal caller fare after sitting seven weeks after sustaining a broken collarbone in Week nine? Rodgers had a solid, playoff-clinching return against the Bears, but was slow to get going with almost two months worth of rust; he went 14 of 22 for 145 yards with two interceptions through the first 30 minutes of football. Green Bay’s Golden Boy needs sharp, short throws and enough protection from the offensive line that he can make good decisions without having to worry about getting buried by the likes of NaVorro Bowman, Ahmad Brooks, and Aldon Smith.

What do you think of the Green Bay Packers’ chances against the 49ers? How will the weather in Green Bay affect the game? What do you think the Packers need to do for the W?