Alabama Couple Slammed For Naming Child 'Krimson Tyde'

There are some serious football fans in Alabama. In a state with no professional sports teams college football is more of a religion than it is a sport. Well, one Alabama couple seems to have taken things too far in the eyes of fellow Crimson Tide fans. The couple named their baby boy "Krimson Tyde."

Summer and Steven Steele, who are from the small town of Andalusia, Alabama, claim to be the biggest fans of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide on the plane and they are willing to put their money, or at least baby's money, where their mouths are. The couple and little baby "Krimson Tyde" can now probably own that title and have the birth certificate to do it. In an interview with the Alabama Media Group, the couple made it very clear they are "big Alabama [football] fans".

Summer Steele said in the interview:

"I'm shocked, I didn't think people would make such a big deal about it".
Their son was born on December 17th. The couple immediately put pictures of little boy "Krimson Tyde" on Twitter. They expected the reactions of the coreligionists to be supportive but most reactions were not so kind.Deadspin, a sports subsidiary of Gawker made fun of the couple with an article called Baby Names That Are "better than Krimson Tyde".

At least the couple are not alone, they are getting encouragement from a man who named his children "Crimson Tide" and "Alleigh Bama".

Do you think that the name "Krimson Tyde" is ridiculous to name your child, especially when bullying is such a prominent issue these days?