Tori Spelling Wouldn't Give In To Dean McDermott's Sexual Demands [Rumor]

Todd Rigney

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are finding copious amounts of their dirty laundry floating around the internet at the moment.

After Emily Goodhand blew the whistle on McDermott's cheating ways, a plethora of anonymous sources and industry insiders crawled out of the woodwork to dish on the couple's private life. Are any of these rumors true? That's a little murky at the moment, but that isn't stopping the reports from making the rounds.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, one of these sources claimed that Dean was practically begging for sex from Tori Spelling prior to his encounter with Goodhand in a hotel room in Toronto. Since the former 90210 star is reportedly very exhausted from raising their kids, she apparently didn't have the energy for her husband's hefty sexual demands.

"Dean wants sex from her 24/7. Their sex life when they first hooked up was wild and kinky. Of course, they didn't have children and were very uninhibited. Dean would always throw it in Tori's face that their sex life wasn't as hot as it used to be. Well how could it be?" the insider recently dished.

The source continued, "They now have four children, and Tori would stay up with Finn all night when he was fussy. The last thing Tori would want to do is have sex, and yet Dean would be ready to go! He even accused Tori of paying more attention to their children!"

E! Online reports that Tori Spelling was recently spotted without her wedding ring while grabbing a bite to each with her children. The actress and her brood reportedly joined friend Mehran Farhat at Benihana restaurant in Encino, California on Sunday (December 29).

"When Tori came out of the restaurant she seemed stressed out and was not happy to see photographers. She had her nanny with her to help with all the kids and she stayed tight-lipped when asked questions about Dean's infidelity. Tori did not make eye contact with anyone and just stared ahead," the insider explained.

Does this mean that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are completely finished? Did she really tell her husband that he ruined Christmas? Was Dean demanding way too much sex from his exhausted wife? Since these reports are unofficial, it's best to treat them as nothing more than internet rumors for the time being.

What do you think about Dean McDermott cheating on Tori Spelling? Do you think this affair spells certain doom for the couple?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]