Bigg Boss 7 Winner Gaugar Khan Thought She Could Never Beat Tanishaa Mukherjee

Bigg Boss 7 winner Gaugar Khan said she badly wanted to win the reality show, but once it came down to her and Tanishaa Mukherjee she thought all hope was lost.

“When the four (Sangram Singh, Ajaz Khan, Tanishaa Mukherjee) of us were there in the house, I was confident that I would win. I wanted to win the show, but I did not expect it,” Gauhar said.

“But when Tanishaa and I were left, I did not expect to win. When I saw her mother Tanujaji, I felt the game is over for me… she (Tanishaa) has won. Considering a legend like Tanujaji came on the show, I felt its her (Tanissha) trophy,” she said.

But Gaugar Khan was wrong, and when she was announced as the Bigg Boss 7 winner the shock was clearly showing on her face.

“The feeling is sunk in now and I am jumping with joy looking at the line-up of contestants this season like Kamya Punjabi, Shilpa Saklani, Andy, Kushal Tandon were strong contenders,” she said afterward.

Bigg Boss 7 was surrounded by drama both inside and outside the house this year. Amid the fights and allegations of abuse came reports that host Salman Khan may be leaving the popular reality show after this season.

The revelation came during a conversation between actors Sidharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra, who appeared on the show to promote their new movie. At the time Salman told Parineeti that he could be gone as Bigg Boss host by the time she returns to the show to promote her next project.

Other rumors have said that Salman Khah may be shifting into a producer role after Bigg Boss 7.

Before that, there was drama surrounding contestant Kushal Tandon, who was kicked out of the house after being aggressive to a fellow contestant. He eventually came back, but not before reports of tension between him and Khan.

Sources close to Bigg Boss 7 denied any tension, however.

“There have been a lot of reports hinting at simmering issues between Kushal and the host of the show, Salman Khan,” a source said. “Kushal’s quotes were tweaked and were presented in a manner that made it look like the actor was trying to cash in on the controversy. However, that’s not true. Salman is never involved in the entries and exit during the course of the show. His entry is expected to bring the much needed energy inside the house.”

For Bigg Boss 7 winner Gaugar Khan, the controversies and drama will likely be forgotten and the win savored.