Loyal Dog Refuses To Leave Side Of Dead Friend [Video]

A loyal dog stayed all night next to his dead canine companion in the middle of the street in China despite freezing temperatures.

His friend had been hit by a car and died on December 22. Risking his own life, the good Samaritan dog refused to budge from his body in the middle of the road. See embed above.

The temperature was reportedly as low as 8 degrees Fahrenheit in the area during the faithful dog’s overnight vigil. The incident reportedly occured in Yinchuan city in the Ningxia Hui region of China.

A resident of the area finally put a stool next to the dogs to try to prevent another tragedy from passing vehicles. According to SkyNews, the dead pup was finally removed from the busy street. “Eventually, the deceased white dog was picked up by a restaurant owner and taken to the side of the road. But even then, the sandy dog refused to let go. Trotting with his tail held high, he stuck close to his pal.The unnamed man buried the white dog under a tree in a local park.The fate of the Samaritan dog is not known.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported on heartwarming and heartwrenching incidents of both extreme loyalty and bravery on the part of man’s best friend. For example, in Italy, Ciccio, a 12-year-old German shepherd, apparently has attended church every single day since his owner died. Ciccio used to accompany his owner to Santa Maria Assunta church in San Donaci, Italy, every afternoon when she was still alive, and has been keeping up the habit long after she has passed. In Argentina, another German shepherd named Captain refused to leave his deceased owner’s grave over a six-year period. In a more recent incident, two inseparable Lab-pit bull mixes were found wandering the Philadelphia streets, one of whom is blind and is guided by the other.