Russian Suicide Bomb Blast [VIDEO]

A female suicide bomber blew herself and 14 other people up today in Volgograd Train Station in Russia.

According to the Daily Mail, around 50 people were injured in this large busy train station.

“Moscow is concerned militant groups could be ramping up violence in the run up to the the 2014 winter Olympic Games in the city of Sochi in six weeks.” – BBC

Volgograd is situated about 435 miles away from Sochi, where the Winter Olympics are to be held. Volgograd is 560 miles south of Moscow.

A spokesman for the Investigative Committee said that the explosive contained 22 pounds of TNT and was rigged with shrapnel to maximize injuries.

Apparently, the terrorist saw a policeman near a metal detector, which made her nervous and caused her to detonate the device before entering the most densely packed area of the station.

Among the casualties are eight critically injured people including a nine-year-old girl whose mother was killed in the attack.

Our condolences go out to the families of those killed in the suicide bombing in Volgograd Train Station in Russia, and we wish all the injured a complete recovery.