GMA wants $10K refund from Botox Mom

After Child Protective Services seized custody of her daughter, Sheena Upton- real name Kerry Campbell- admitted she concocted the entire story of injecting her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for financial gain.

Now, she may not even have that. While she was paid a pittance of $200 by the UK Sun to spin a perverse tale of beauty pageants, “virgin waxes” and general stage parent horror, Upton claimed a payday of $10K from Good Morning America enticed her to run with the lie. But now, GMA says they’re not shelling out for the spurious story, leaving Upton and her picture broker not a cent richer for the entire ordeal. ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider says:

“We had agreed to pay a $10,000 licensing fee to a U.K. freelancer for the pictures, but obviously in light of everything that’s happened, zero money has been sent that way,” says Schneider.

“We have a contract with the freelancer, which obviously stipulates that the images depict what they purport to show, that there’s no staging in any way,” he goes on. “So with all those open questions, we’re going to hold [the money] back.”

Upton got a doctor to confirm her daughter was never subjected to the painful cosmetic treatments in the first place, and says she doesn’t even know “what Botox is.” Given Upton’s tale had holes big enough to drive a car through, it does make you wonder what kind of fact checking if any GMA and The Sun did in this story- the kid was never even in a pageant.