Do You ‘Believe’ the Reviews? Not in Top 10

Watching Justin Bieber’s movie, ‘Believe’ would make you feel really sorry for this poor super famous multi-millionaire kid… It seems that fame really takes its toll, and even if you’ve got $130 million in the bank you might be better off not being the pop sensation of the decade.

One thing is for sure, Bieber’s no fool, or at least his publicists aren’t. This is his second movie, and according to boxofficemojo Bieber’s last movie, Never Say Never grossed nearly $100 million worldwide. Justin knows that his fans are going to watch his movies and so he’s going to have a very happy new year. They’ll have to get the most of him before he retires, look he is already nearly 20!

But, Variety doesn’t think that ‘Believe’ will haul in the same kind of cash as ‘Never Say Never’. Director John M. Chu has made this documentary movie entertaining and real, fans walked out with boosted respect for Bieber.

Justin Bieber is the man, mad respect for the dude after seeing his movie! @justinbieber#Believe

“Believe” is not exactly a deeply serious study of fame and its transformative effects. But Chu stops far short of becoming a celebrity apologist while enabling his audience to appreciate how bumpy the ride can be sometimes for someone flying at Bieber’s current altitude.


Far from being a somber tribute to the people whose lives he’s touched, however, “Believe” captures some dynamite concert footage, and Chu’s own maturity behind the camera is self-evident as he not only films the action, but also coordinates it to maximize its impact cinematically. Indeed, even if some of Bieber’s songs remain unappealing, Chu chronicles their performance during the tour with a vividness and excitement that often feels infectious.

And movie goers are also loving it, here’s what people are tweeting about ‘Believe’

But despite all the rave reviews it seems that Justin wasn’t so successful as the movie didn’t even make it into the Top Ten.

Have you seen Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ movie? What did you think?