Killer Marlin Topples Boat, Crew Survives Battle [Photos]

A group of fisherman got more than they bargained for yesterday as they battled a killer black marlin off the coast of Panama. The crew hooked into the killer marlin, and it appears to have fought so hard that it sunk the boat. Pictures at the site (shown below) show the sequence of the fight with the killer marlin and the victorious fish jumping out of the water to celebrate its victory over the ship. No one was reported injured in the incident.

The ship’s manufacturer was quick to react to the idea that a single killer marlin could topple the ship. They noted that the ship has an amazing record of sea strength and had caught hundreds of marlins before.

Marlin Magazine wrote on their Facebook page:

“Direct from Panama I was told that the sea conditions were not as calm as they seem to be in the pictures and the Captain was an experienced Captain. You can see how this might happen as you know when fighting a fish the Captain is facing aft with his hand on the throttles and when slipped the last thing your hand is holding onto is the throttle controls.”

They hypothesized that while fighting the killer marlin, a wave hit the ship while the captain was putting it in reverse, causing the ship to lose balance and sink.

The pictures show the boat sinking under the water and the killer marlin happily skipping across the surface of the ocean.

Do you think the captain made a mistake or was the boat sunk by a killer marlin?

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