Fishing Guide Catches 6-Foot, 100-Pound Catfish In Spain

Fishing guide Ben Hervey-Murray caught a six-foot, 100-pound wels catfish in one of Spain’s biggest rivers Tuesday night to set a personal record. He originally noticed the monster catfish by it’s big tail as it fed on bait fish off a riverbank on River Ebro.

It took the fisherman nearly 20 minutes to bring in the wels catfish, which doesn’t seem far off as finding a fish that size isn’t common. Though it’s tough to find one that big, Hervey-Murray’s catch wasn’t the biggest wels catfish ever caught at River Ebro.

According to Ebro Sporting Adventures, the largest Ebro wels catfish ever caught weighed over 225 pounds and they are rumored to grow over 400 pounds in some places throughout Europe. They normally have a black body with a yellow tint though some in Lower Ebro often have red markings as well.

There are many ways to catch a wels catfish and most fishermen use a bait technique or the traditional style of lure fishing. Hervey-Murray caught his by tossing a tuna-hook with dead baitfish near the 100-pound catfish as it was feeding, according to GrindTV.

Hervey-Murray’s catch sports a yellow tint with black markings and a grey underbelly while stretching over six-feet long. His personal best hasn’t slowed him down one bit as he let all of his followers on Twitter know he’ll be fishing again Friday night.

Here’s Hervey-Murray’s Twitter post accompanied by a photo of the monster he caught on Tuesday.

Fishing has always been a waiting man’s game but those with more experience usually pay less attention to the time. Fishing guide’s are comfortable being on the water for hours on end whether their enjoying themselves with friends or in search of the monster catch.

Ben Hervey-Murray may not have been searching for a 100-pound catfish when he decided to go fishing Tuesday but before the night was up he found one and made the catch all by himself.

[Image via Dieter Florian]

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