Actor Tom Sizemore questioned in female friend’s disappearance

Actor Tom Sizemore has been questioned in the disappearance of 25-year-old female friend Megan Wren, but police say the star is “not a suspect” in the case currently.

Sizemore is currently entertaining troops in Germany, and has not commented on the investigation. Wren’s family say that the missing woman was trying to get her life together when she dropped off the face of the Earth, and she’d been known to stay with former addict Sizemore when working on getting clean.

The missing woman’s family and flak for Sizemore say the two were close, but Sizemore’s rep says they weren’t a couple:

Georgiana said she didn’t know if Sizemore and Megan were dating, but that she understood that Megan worked for Sizemore. “I know he’s had a checkered past and that’s not for me to judge,” she said.

Sizemore’s manager Charles Lago, said Wren “was absolutely not his (Sizemore’s) girlfriend,” in response to the website TMZ’s assertion that Wren and Sizemore were in a romantic relationship.

“He has absolutely nothing to hide,” Lago said.

Wren’s grandmother Georgiana says her granddaughter was happy before she suddenly vanished:

“She loved it out there. She was aspiring out there and doing modeling,” Georgiana said of her granddaughter’s move to Los Angeles. “She just always wanted to be an actress.”