Are you part of the 35% of people who use smartphone apps before getting out of bed?

A new study reveals that 35% of smartphone owners are so on the pipe that before they even become vertical for the day, they’re smartphoning.

Not surprisingly, 18% of those surveyed are using their phones for social networking apps, by far and away the most popular being Facebook. (Does a MySpace app even exist?) Actual bed isn’t the only time users are firing up apps- 34% use them late at night, and 20% are using them up until they close their eyes for the day, kind of like a glowing, square teddy bear. Aw.

34% use smartphones while commuting, a figure that seems like it should be higher, and 26% are unmannerly enough to whip their iPhones or BlackBerrys out while they’re eating dinner. The study repeats recent data that smartphones and tablets like the iPad have changed the way users access the internet as a whole:

“Prior to the introduction of smartphones, consumers tended to use the internet in “chunks” – they would tend to confine their internet activities to when they had an opportunity to sit in front of a computer. Smartphones allow people to go online the very instant they get the impulse. Internet access is thus becoming more spontaneous and unplanned.”

Which of these activities do you engage in? Are you glued to your phone for a large portion of the day?