Katy Perry Teases World Tour, Says It’s ‘Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Done’

Katy Perry fans should expect something very special when her tour kicks off next year.

The singer recently announced that she will play several shows around the entire world over the course of 2014. If you’re expecting the same old thing from Perry, then you’d better prepare your tender brain for some truly mind-blowing performances. The tour reportedly kicks off in Belfast in the early part of May.

During her recent conversation with the folks at Capital FM, Katy Perry said beginning the tour in the UK forced her to step things up a bit. To impress each and every one of her fans who forks over money for a ticket, the “Roar” singer wants to put together a totally new and wholly unique onstage experience.

“I’m just really excited. I just did a big tour meeting yesterday and saw the graphic drawing of the stage and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen for any other artist and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done. It’s different, it’s fresh, it’s clean and it’s actually in the middle of the audience it feels like,” Perry explained.

The singer continued, “I get to be close with them at all times. I’m going to bring all the bells and whistles like it was last time but it won’t be so highly narrated. I just want a little bit more room to express myself.”

Although Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream tour employed all sorts of over-the-top theatrics, the singer said she intends to tone things down a bit this time around. However, fans should still anticipate the performances to figuratively blow the tops off their skulls. The singer also said folks should expect to hear all of her biggest hits.

“The tour is going to be fantastic. I always try to take it to the next level. I think people will realize what the tour is going to be like when they listen to the music,” Perry told Entertainment Weekly not too long ago.

As for playing her popular tunes: “There’s nothing worse than going to a concert of an artist and not hearing your favorite songs.”

Since Katy Perry and her main squeeze John Mayer recently appeared together onstage, there’s always a chance that the singer-songwriter could make an appearance at one of her upcoming shows. If that’s the sort of thing that makes your day a little brighter than usual, then start issuing the appropriate prayers now.

Are you planning to catch singer Katy Perry when she tours the globe next year?