Katy Perry Sings ‘Who You Love’ Live With Love John Mayer

Last night, Katy Perry and John Mayer continued their love fest as the two took to the Barclays Center to perform their song “Who You Love.” Most of the audience was there to see Paradise Valley artist John Mayer perform hits from his discography, so when his girlfriend Perry joined him for their new hit single, some fans were surprised that she turned up to join him in song.

Considering their fun-filled morning, it shouldn’t be so much of a surprise. The two gathered early in the morning to debut their video for “Who You Love” on Good Morning America. The two had their first semi awkward interview together before they launched their PDA-lite video on the show.

During the interview, Mayer revealed that his date in Brooklyn was his last show on his U.S. tour, so it obviously held some sort of sentimental significance to Mayer. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Perry was in close proximity to the singer, which rarely happens because of their busy schedules.

Before Katy Perry joined Mayer on stage, John introduced her to the already pumped up crowd, “I’d like to welcome to the stage someone we all love, Miss Katy Perry.” The “Roar” singer took to the stage during the encore portion of the show, and the two shared a small kiss during their first-ever live performance.

During the performance, John Mayer and Katy Perry seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. The two shared gazes and seemed to carry over their playful mood from their GMA interview. During their morning interview, Mayer joked about the awkward exchange that could come out of their first appearance together, “We don’t quite know what body language we’re supposed to be exhibiting at the moment. If you get too close it’s too touchy feely, and if you’re too far away they say, ‘I don’t see chemistry.'”

However, when it came down to talking about the song, John Mayer left his signature dry humor to the side to express just how much he loves the song with his girl Katy Perry.

“If the song is great you’re in a bubble of authenticity. It’s a pretty big moving target to be a couple and have a song but I think there’s an authenticity to it when you hear it. This is the first time we put ourselves out there for the music.”

Although John Mayer is done with his U.S. leg, fans of the duo can catch one half of the couple in concert as Katy Perry is slated to tour in support of her album Prism in the winter.

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